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Design Methodology


Our approach is based on the international chain of organic architecture, developed in the beginning of the 20th century by people like Frak Lloyd Wright, Rudolf Steiner, Antoni Gaudi, Hugo Haering, Alvar Aalto, Hans Schauron and others.


In organic architecture, every building is seen as a living organism. Every part must express and reflect its own specific function, which emerges naturally from the context in which it is inserted: place, social ambiance, culture, age. That’s why, as we develop a project, our goal is to create spaces capable of transmitting the pulse of existence and human individuality.

Our organic design considers not only the physical needs of its users but also the psych and spiritual aspects. the creative process includes studies about the personality of our clients, the quality of the place in which the building will take place and the development perspectives of the human been who will inhabit the building itself. The end result is the full well being of every inhabitant or co-worker who utilizes the place.


Organic architecture as we conceive, must be intrinsically connected with bio-construction techniques. We prioritise, therefore, the use of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, earth and we also adapt sustainable system for pluvial water, ecological sanitation, and bio=climatic architecture, with a strong emphasis on lighting and natural ventilation.


In conclusion, the combination or organic architecture and bio-construction, joint with technology, results not only in the reducing the environment impact (environment footprint), but it also creates more original ambiances, healthy and inspiring for those who will be part of it.

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